Commercial and Residential Demolition Services for Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties

When a structure needs to be removed to reuse or restore the land it resides on call All Phase Excavation for safe, efficient demolition and debris removal services. For over 26 years All Phase Excavation has been providing residential and commercial customers across the Bay Area professional non-explosive demolition and C & D waste services.

Our extensive equipment inventory and professional crews allows us to scale our operations to accommodate everything from small backyard projects to the decommissioning of major commercial installations. We are fully conversant with all the construction and demolition waste ordinances in our service area and can provide abatement services if appropriate.

Effective, Safe Demolition Service for Urban, Residential and Rural Areas

Professional demolition service requires more than just knocking down a structure or tearing up a paved surface. The permitting processes and C & D ordinances vary widely across the Sonoma, Napa and Marin jurisdictions and if demolition is not in complete compliance fines and sanctions can add a significant cost to the project.

Management plays an active, onsite role in every project large or small and ensures each project is completed in accordance with local ordinances. Our extensive experience in demolition, active management presence and history of zero OSHA complaints contribute to our reputation as the on time, to spec, on budget excavation service of choice.

Examples of the types of demolition projects we have completed include:

  • Removal of pools
  • Demolition and cleanup of outbuildings, porches, patios etc.
  • Demolition of entire homes and cleanup.
  • Concrete demolition.
  • Removal of parking lots, asphalt, concrete pads, sidewalks and curbs.
  • Limited access demolition in urban environments.
  • Tower stack and tank demolition.
  • Bridge and highway demolition.
  • Interior demolition.
  • C & D waste management plans for permits.
  • Sorting and stacking of recyclable materials.

If you are a general contractor, land developer or homeowner and you have a project that requires expert demolition your next step is to contact us at our centrally located headquarters in Penngrove. We will be happy to discuss your project, survey the site and prepare a comprehensive, cost effective proposal.

We are big enough for the job but not so big that you become just another project number. When you need it done right the first time and you need it on time and on budget, you need All Phase Excavation Services.