One Stop Excavating Service for Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties

As our name implies, All Phase Excavation Services is organized and equipped to perform every aspect of excavating from earthwork to debris removal. We are the "one stop excavating service" resource for contractors and developers in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties that can simplify your project management by eliminating the need or reliance on multiple excavating service companies.

Our extensive inventory of excavating, drilling and hauling equipment provides the capacity to tackle large commercial site preparation, structure demolition in an urban environment or just digging a pool in a backyard. Our crews are experienced, professional and always operate with an eye towards safety. All Phase management provides an onsite presence on every project we engage in providing the client with streamlined communication and exceptional flexibility.

We are fully licensed, insured, operate "green" hauling trucks and have a CAL-OSHA T-1 permit for excavation and trenching.

Services provided by All Phase Excavating include:

  • Site Preparation: Regardless of size or terrain, we're equipped to provide clearing, grading, transporting material import/export, trenching, pier drilling and footing excavation.
  • Tight Access Excavation: We love a challenge. Tight access generally means a project site that is difficult to work. In our service areas that can mean steep side hill sites that have no staging area located in the country or urban residential or commercial areas that offer up their own access limitation issues. Our professional management and crews draw on their extensive experience to develop cost effective solutions for difficult operating environments.
  • Trenching: We specialize in safe trenching operations for moving pipes, supporting foundations, and digging trenches for water connections, gas lines, electrical service and cable.
  • Demolition: We can perform your partial or full structure demolition, including abatement where required, even in tight access sites. From demolition, to abatement to site clean up to debris removal All Phase Excavating is your one stop solution for demolition projects.
  • Material Export/Import: Since we own our own fleet of "green" hauling trucks and do not rely on an outsourced contractor, we can efficiently coordinate the export/import of materials with excavating activities saving the client precious time spent on this critical first phase task.
  • Drilling: All Phase Excavating is equipped to drill holes for piers and caissons up to 25 feet deep.

If you have a project in Marin, Sonoma or Napa County and you need an experienced, professional excavation service that has a stellar reputation for coming in on time and on budget you need to contact us now for a free consultation and bid proposal.